Fractional Head of Corporate Strategy

Many companies set goals of aggressive growth but often do not have the talent in house to develop and implement long-term business strategies needed to achieve those goals.  A fractional Head of Corporate Strategy might be the best solution during the phase of business growth.  Many organizations find a fractional role allows them to hire a high level executive with the business acumen and experience to deliver measurable results that they otherwise could not afford as a full-time employee.

Scott Morris has over 30 years of business experience and a successful track record in corporate development over a wide range of industries.  His strategic approach includes:
  • Assessment of corporate goals
  • TAM analysis
  • Development of 3-5 year strategic plan
  • Identification of growth enablers through innovation, investment, financing and acquisition
  • Execution of growth strategy
  • Assist with organizational development, product development, marketing, pricing and sales strategies

Alliances & Partnerships

In some cases, forming strategic alliances and/or long-term partnerships can have a significant impact to a businesses growth goals.  Strategic alliances can take on many forms but they all stem from two or more complimentary businesses working together toward similar goals.

On the other hand, long-term partnerships are a way for companies to do business with one another without having to be in complementary industries.  These creative avenues of growth often have added benefits such as reducing or eliminating price wars, and can even block competitors in the market.